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Proverbs is one of the most practical books in the Bible for day-to-day living principles. Its verses are packed with wisdom from Solomon and other inspired biblical writers. Anyone would greatly benefit from a regular study of its pages and meditation on its words. The book of Proverbs offers wisdom to the simple (i.e. the untaught), counsel for the wise, and warnings for the fool.

The book of Proverbs contains 31 chapters of Holy Spirit inspired wisdom. Therefore, it is also recommended that one should make it a regular habit of reading a chapter per day in Proverbs, as in the corresponding chapter to the calendar day of the month. With this habit, you will read the book of Proverbs through once per month. The result is that you will learn and memorize a lot of Proverbs without a lot of effort. Over the years, Proverbs will become part of your ingrained memory, and its principles will serve to help you daily.

The student outlines on this page are from the series “Life Principles from Proverbs,” which is taught by the pastor of Community. This study will yield One-Hundred (100) Life Principles from this ancient book of wisdom.

This page contains the study outlines for the exposition of Proverbs each Wednesday night.  Download each one and keep them for your future reference.  Be sure to join us either in-person, or online, each Wednesday evening at 7:00pm (EST) to listen and fill-in-the-blanks.

Chapters 1-16 Outlines

Chapters 17-31 Outlines